© Ralf Strittmatter

©Ralf Strittmatter



Four Brewers and a Monkey




Braukollektiv traces its roots back to 2013, when four beer enthusiasts and their primate accomplice decided to shake-up the Freiburg beer scene. Our aim: to resurrect a range of beer styles missing from this corner of the globe for far too long and to have an awesome time in the process. As it is customary for a hedonistic collective everything is shared and being decided by consent.  The co-conspirators that form Braukollektiv are: 



By day, Chris works as a criminologist, doing his bit to apprehend the many nasty sorts that can be found about old Freiburg town. By night (once he’s put the kids to bed, washed the dishes, taken the dog for a walk, and done the ironing) he dons his Braukollektiv baseball cap (available soon in our merchandise store) and heads out to preach the virtues of craft beer. Then he falls into bed in the wee hours of the morning, wakes up, and does it all again. Originally from the sunny shores of Australia, Chris is now firmly set in his newfound beer- brewing life in Freiburg. ‘Fosters’ we hear you say? No thanks, mate! 



As Braukollektiv’s mad scientist, Gil is responsible for calculations, calculations, and more calculations. How much malt do we need? What’s our water quality like? When should we throw in the hops? How much beer can we drink during a brew session? What’s that smell and where’s it coming from? These are the questions that keep Gil up at night and turn him into a nervous wreck on brew day. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the frightening thing about beer: drinking it requires no scientific knowledge, brewing it unfortunately does. 



Spanky is our beer-swilling primate buddy who just happens to also be the CEO and official mascot of Braukollektiv. One day when we were brewing, Spanky crawled through an open window and showed his mutant four-tailed-self to us: it was love at first sight. Apart from managing our finances, contacting clients, conducting wacky beer-related R&D experiments, cleaning the brew kettle, and chatting up lady monkeys, Spanky just loves sucking down on craft beers. As such, he’s perfectly qualified for life in the Braukollektiv. Importantly, Spanky is also in charge of quality control, so whenever you see a Braukollektiv bottles with Spanky’s logo on it, you can be certain that the liquid goodness inside will take your taste buds on an unforgettably ‘spankylicious’ ride. 



Børn’s love of tinkering with the mechanics involved in the beer brewing process are legendary (if not downright scary). As far as he’s concerned, life is all about optimizing our brew days, even if this means butchering lots of motors, cool boxes, and metal pots in the process. He can often be spotted at the Braukollektiv HQ reading over complicated plans, bending bits of metal into shape, and cursing loudly when everything goes wrong. Hailing from Bavaria (though we’ve never seen him in Lederhosen), he studied mathematics, sociology, philosophy, law, and a whole lot of other nonsense before finally realizing that brewing beer was his true calling in life. 



Now this is a guy who LOVES beer. Sure, all of us here at Braukollektiv love beer, but with James it’s different. He drinks beer. He thinks beer. He dreams beer. He is just so awesomely passionate about beer. Hell, James even named his first- born son after a beer. And as if that isn’t enough, James just happens to come from Southern California, which is home to some of the finest craft beers and breweries the world has ever known. James imbues us with radical ideas and beer creations that simply have us screaming for more. Moreover, as a professional photographer by trade, James is the only one of us Braukollektivists to have seen, photographed, and drunk a beer with a Sasquatch. At least that’s what he tells us.