Beer Geek Beer Box

Beer Geek Beer Box


A combo 6 pack aincludes beers from our friend Sebastian at Freigeist. 6 unique beers to enjoy with your friends. +tax and shipping/  +MwSt und Fracht

Each 6 pack includes -

  • 1x .33l Braukollektiv Needs More Dog oat session IPA
  • 1x .5l Freigeist Kwazimodo
  • 1x .33l Braukollektiv Dark Saison
  • 1x .5l The Monarchy Methusalem
  • 1x .33l Braukolleltktiv Moe Pale Ale
  • 1x .33l Freigeist Room 101
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Gerstenmalz, Hefe, Hopfen, Wasser
inkl. 0,08 Pfand
Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage