Braukollektiv | Dolly | American IPA
Naturtrüb strahlt sie goldgelb - unser bestes Schaf im Stall


- Named Dolly after having been called Black Sheep IPA for 2 years. We could not copywriter the name black sheep and when the brewery built the new brewhouse we decided to change the name to Dolly after the cloned sheep in Scotland. 

- We introduced this beer in 2014. There was no other craft beer in the area at the time, let alone a hop forward IPA, we had to keep insuring people that the beer was in fact Reinheitsgebot and that we did not had any fruit juice to it. 

- In 2018 it won Platinum at Meingers craft beer award and was awarded the best IPA of the contest.

We love what we do. We love what we brew. Braukollektiv.

Das Braukollektiv sind zwei Jungs von zwei verschiedenen Kontinenten, die   auf magische Weise in Freiburg gelandet sind. 2014 fingen sie  mit zwei anderen Jungs an zu brauen als sogenannte Gypsy-Brewer in der Brauerei Rogg im Schwarzwald und in mitterweile unzähligen Collabs mit befreundeten Brauern.
Die Brauerei
James in Natural Habitat - am Abfüllen

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